HI all! For the past couple of years, this blog has functioned as my personal/very public diary detailing my explorations of what christianity was like on a daily basis. But, lately I’ve been feeling kind of frustrated. With life, with what I want to do with said life, and with my feelings towards religion as a whole. I realized that I lot of my faith was still based on immediate gratification and affirmation that I was doing the right things, when in reality, I don’t think that is what christianity should look like at all. That’s not to say I’ve lost my faith, I am just trying to reevaluate the little bits that explain who I am.

So here’s the thing – I want to keep this blog real. I want it to be something relatable and real and detail all my very elle-like mishaps that happen way too frequently. I love what it has been in the past, but that isn’t the full embodiment of who I am and it never has been.

From now on, this blog is serving as everything – my photo dump, my talks about religion and what it means to me, chats about feelings about college and upcoming things in my life, travels, and a portfolio of the designs that are slowly but surely overtaking my life.

Buckle up because we’re all in for a ride.

With love, Elle




Hi friends! BIG BIG BIG NEWS! If you haven’t already seen or heard about it, I got the opportunity to be a part of a new company, RSRVR BTTL.

We create BPA free, perfectly insulated for hot or cold, stainless steel water bottles with 25% of all profits donated to help build wells in rural Indian villages.

We began this company with a single motivation: to find a way to put everything we are passionate about into one product.

It started with a basic need, a water bottle able to keep up with Elle’s need to have ice cold water throughout a busy day but also one that could sustain Hank’s frequent want for hot coffee.

Then it turned into a “how can we help?” type of question. With Hank’s background of years spent experiencing the ins and outs of India, that answer came easily. We wanted to find a way to help the country that gave him so much and shaped him into the person he is today.  We are a company driven to help the world around us. That is why we partner with Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society, in an effort to better rural Indian communities by donating a percentage of the RSRVR BTTL’s profits to build clean water wells in villages that have no source of drinkable water.

With each bottle, a quarter of the proceeds goes to this amazing NGO. Our first bottle, the Jamshedpur, is named after the steel city of India and is perfectly sleek, stainless steel and topped with an all natural bamboo lid.

stay tuned for more updates, follow our instagram and like us on facebook!

17 for 17

Every year I write a post with a list of things I’ve learned in the past year. 16 was a year with a lot of change, but in a good way. So here’s a tribute to the best one yet and a prayer for the best to keep on coming.

  1. Spend time w people who love you
    1. One of the biggest things that I’ve learned this year a huggggeee part of having a life worth living is surrounding yourself with people who know you better than you know yourself. Over this past year I’ve met some of the most honest and wonderful people who know exactly what I need (sometimes even before I do).
  2. Be proud of your faith, of your passions
    1. I used to be scared to talk about my relationship with God out loud. I’ve always been comfortable writing about it, but speaking about it seemed like this whole new level of vulnerability that I didn’t know if I could handle. This year, through an AMAZING movement called #howtolife, I found my voice. I learned how to tell my story and through the process of it, met some of the best/ most genuine people within my community + grew closer to some of my closest friends. This year I tried to led the Lord lead me and let me tell ya, I really like where he did.
  3. Be spontaneous
    1. Aka – be the opposite of who I am. Spontaneity terrifies me. I hate not having a plan. BUT !!! it also encourages so much growth and adventures and more joy than I could have ever thought!
  4. Find something every day to fall in love with
    1. Because there’s SO MANY THINGS IN THIS WORLD TO ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Make it a flower! Make it a song! Or a new food! Or a new picnic spot! Every day! Find one. Make a list of them. Keep them and remember how wonderful all of this life we have is, even on days when it doesn’t seem so great.
  5. Pray whenever +++ wherever
    1. This little tip came straight from my sweet friend, Dasha. So often prayer seems to be the last thing on my mind, getting pushed aside in the mix of everything going on in my day. But the cool thing about prayer is it doesn’t have a specific way//shape//form it has to take. It can be on your drive to school, listening to worship. Or it can be in the middle of the day, when you are struggling in a class. Or it can be when you’re sitting at a bonfire with your favorite people in the whole world, thinking about just how lucky you are.
  6. Do stuff that isn’t like you
    1. I am someone very set in routine. Things without routine are not some of my favorite things. So I’ve spent the past few months trying to learn exactly how to get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I still get scared or anxious, but for the most part it’s made me a wholeeee lot better of a person + my life has felt a wholeeee lot more fun.
  7. Work hard but don’t let it overrun your mental health
    1. The future a really cool thing in the sense that it is full of potential. But it also has been the sole focus of my life for a really long time. This year, I’ve taken the time to take breaks from just pushing and pushing towards the future. When you only think about how much better you still have to be, everything is stressful and it takes a huge toll on who you are. So take time to let your mind rest and be at peace – it’s worth it.
  8. Have people in your life where you both improve each other’s – if not it’s not worth it
    1. Shoutout to my Casey-gal for hammering this into my head for as long as she’s known me. Because life isn’t worth wasting each others’ time with meaningless friendships. Find people that make you excited for life, or that pick you up no matter how low you are.
  9. Make time for silence
    1. Sit in the quiet. Listen to the world around you. DO IT !!!
  10. Go on adventures by yourself – discover yourself more
    1. Something I’ve done this year is taken myself on dates: on picnics, to restaurants, anywhere + everywhere. It didn’t matter where, but the time to be alone and live in my own little world did. Learning to be okay with being by myself is a long process, but one I need + one I will continue to grow in.
  11. Notice the little details
    1. Being as detail oriented as I am, the little details tend to be what drives me crazy. But it also tends to be what brings the most joy to me. Find the little things in everything – from the different pinks in a bouquet of tulips to the tiniest details of your favorite songs – it’s a beautiful thing.
  12. Live in the moment
    1. A certain favorite person of mine has spent the past 7.5 months teaching me a lot a lot about living in the moment and not getting caught up in your future and past. Living in the moment is the polar opposite of what I am, but attempting to learn how to do it has made every little moment seem so much more valuable. The specifics don’t always matter.
  13. Nourish & love your body, inside & out
    1. This year I’ve learned that health and self love looks different in every human. What may look like a “healthy” life to you may be wrecking someone else’s body. Don’t use health as a way to punish yourself. Learn to listen to your body and embrace what it NEEDS (something I struggle with a lot). Find fun ways to work out. Learn new healthy recipes. There’s so many ways to love your body.
  14. Travel often
    1. And I’m not just talking big traveling – I’m talking within your city/ state. Learn to make every day an adventure. Find cool little restaurants, meet new people + learn their stories. Embrace the culture of wherever you are wholeheartedly, it opens your eyes to so many things.
  15. Be flexible, embrace change ( still working on this one )
    1. I’m going to straight up say it: I HATE CHANGE. It is probably my least favorite thing to ever exist. But it still happens and usually for a pretty good reason, so find the good things hidden within change + be thankful for the opportunities to grow.
  16. Experience growth and acknowledge it in others
    1. Let yourself change. Embrace it.  Watch the people that you love change too. Be okay with it, even if it’s different and scary. Change is a good thing.
  17. Realize that we’re all just doing our best
    1. Everyone tries to live a life worth living. Everyone is trying to be loved, to succeed and to find where their passions lie. Let them. Let them life and walk in the life they’re creating for themselves and do the same for yourself. You’re trying and growing too.


To another year of growth, happiness + everything else,

With love,


In the Middle of It All // Gratitude

A little while ago, someone told me how I would never find happiness until I took time to be with the people I loved and didn’t let all the weight of responsibilities interrupt it.

Over the past few years, it’s gotten easier and easier to prioritize everything besides ~happiness~. A lot of the time it felt too fleeting. Truth be told, delving into more and more projects to build my resume or picking up more hours to work is a lot easier than intentionally having fun – but building relationships and a life worth living isn’t rooted in a good resume or having a little extra money, it’s in taking the time to enjoy the life given to us, to create in whatever way we might desire.


And in the midst of projects and the busiest season of the year, I realized that I hadn’t been taking any time to live.

So here’s to a weekend of late fight family feud, racing through the Met (backwards), coffee coffee and more coffee, and embracing the city with every last ounce of who we are. I may be tired, but my heart has never felt so full. THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE ! ! ! This is what we are supposed to feel like some times ! ! ! In the middle of chaos, sometimes rejoicing and truly truly living the life that makes you realize what an amazing gift life is is the absolute best thing you can do.

Everyone deserves those moments that make you look at your life and think, “I can’t believe this is real”.

It’s easy to feel like everything in life is a job, overwhelming and an endless cycle of work with no reward. Yet sometimes, taking the time to step away and stop everything besides having a mindset geared to fully embrace everything around you is the best remedy to it. We were given a life to make our own and fill with the people & places we love most, so why don’t we do more of that?

& if that’s not a compelling enouuggggghhhh of a reason to embrace the beautiful life we have, maybe these are.

John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Psalm 16:11

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

with love always,


Falling in Love with Life

This past month has led me to think a lot. I’ve thought about my life – what I want to do with it, where I hope it will go, who I hope comes in and out of it – and through all of it, I’ve realized that my life isn’t the sad comedy I tend to not-so fondly think of it as. There have been bits and pieces of my life filled with pain and questioning that felt like they would never end. In this month alone, there’s been days filled with tears and driving in circles because I have no clue what I’m doing. But days like today that perfectly contrast those days – days that are finding perfect dresses and talking to wonderful people and hanging out the window while looking at the stars – make me realize how lucky I am to simply be alive and able to experience the world.
…because maybe everything affects each other, maybe everything happens for a reason and is meant to be that way. But maybe everything is just a moment. And that moment is enough for me right now, because sitting in my hotel room, looking at the city lights and thinking about everything that I’ve lived to experience up until now – the highs, the lows, and just the being- are more than enough. Because this world is as beautiful as it is horrible sometimes and tonight, this moment feels like one of those electric, perfect movie moments.

Because life is 10x better when you’re falling in love with it and because this beautiful world was designed for me. And you. And every other person who’s heart is beating.
Because even though I’ve been worried about it and wondered about it quite a bit lately, I am now entirely sure that God is working, no matter if I can see it or not.

So I hope that all of you have days where you simply fall in love with life. I hope that there are days that it feels like your heart is beating out of your chest simply because it’s so full of excitement for what is still coming. I hope that your life feels meaningful and that you trust there is something greater coming, no matter where you are or what is happening.

With so much love,