Fruit First: Let’s Talk About Food Combining

I have a confession. I love trendy diets. Maybe it’s the lack of longevity, or the excitement of the switch up of my daily routine. I really can’t explain it, but I haven’t met a health trend I have wanted to try. When I heard about Kenzie Burke, I was mesmerized. She glows, I am convinced there is sunshine trapped inside of her. If you’ve somehow been living under a rock and don’t know who KB is, 

  1. I’m sorry 
  2. You’re about to find out

Kenzie is a hot, trendy, twenty-something who developed a food-combining based diet to combat her Lymes Disease. When you see someone who looks this good and doesn’t tell you to cut out carbs, you try it. Right?!


The 21 Day Reset is simple and pretty easy to follow because of the basic rules she implements. 

  1. Fruit first and alone (and eat only fruit until noon if you can)
  2. Eat as many veggies as you want
  3. Eat protein OR starch, but never the two together


Sounds easy enough, right? 


So, here’s what I loved about KB’s 21 Day Reset:


It made me feel lighter. I was eating more fruits and veggies than I did when I was vegan. Crazy, I know. Really though, her recipes made it easy to keep up meals I already loved with just a few swaps. 


It didn’t feel like I was missing out. I still ate avocado toast, but put it on grain-free bread and removed the normal egg from the top. My burrito bowl obsession was still fulfilled, I just topped it with more roasted veggies, guac, and sliced avocado. I even managed to try eating out at a few different restaurants, and can attest that I could order at all of them, from Taco Bell, to Noodles and Company, to the local Thai restaurant, without having to stray too far from what I would typically order. 


I broke my caffeine fine, sugar, and dairy addictions. If you know me, you know that I can’t have a meal without dessert (even breakfast sometimes), I could drown myself in coffee if I had the chance, and I put cheese or ice cream in or on everything I eat. Here’s the thing though, during this reset, I really didn’t crave caffeine fine or dairy at all. I replaced my morning coffee with warm water with lemon, subbed in extra avocado, hot sauce, or ginger-miso dressing where I craved a more creamy, cheesy feeling. AND I’m not going to lie, I had bad sugar withdrawals, but I can now attest that I don’t feel the need to have dessert after every meal. 


Some of the changes were unnoticeable, or better. In the past 21 days, I’ve cooked A LOT. From meal to meal, I made little swaps so it could still fit the reset. Everything tasted fresh and clean, and even my carnivore-esque boyfriend was satisfied with a fruit first morning followed by KB’s breakfast potatoes. 


I learned a lot from this reset. Before, even when I was plant based, I didn’t believe you could feel full and energetic without meat in your meals. I think I cheated once and had meat, but when you’re making KC barbecue ribs for the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, it’s justified, okay? KB changed my mind. I’m always the girl to throw an egg on my breakfast or lunch, “just for protein” or to grab chicken nuggets “to fuel me”. But the spinach, avocado, and healthy alternatives I ate during this reset made me realize you can feel just as good without the things you once thought were good for you.


As much as I love the way this reset made my + my pancreas feel (I didn’t have to take my digestion medicine a single time!!), I don’t think it is a fully sustainible way of eating for me personally. The few things I do want to carry with me is the fruit first/fruit until noon mindset, knowledge that a plant based meal can be just as nourishing as a plate with a hefty amount of meat on it, and to listen to your body about what nutrients it’s really craving instead of the easy fix. 


Food combining works, and it does amazing things to you and your digestive system! Even implementing it a little bit each day has personally helped me a lot and is truly a full mind + body reset. 


Let me know if you try it!

With love (duh),


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