Dorm Room Snacks

Newsflash: Dorm food isn’t the best. So, here are my favorite ways to snack without breaking the bank + keeping the freshman fifteen as farrrrr away as possible.


Smoothie Bowls

smoothie bowls make the best filling snack!

I love blending up a frozen banana, a frozen avocado (so it’s super creamy) some peanut butter, greens, honey + almond milk as my base.

Then top with whatever your heart wants!! I usually do some Made Good granola bites + Dang Foods coconut chips!

One-Bite Charcuterie

listen, I have a thing for goat cheese. It stores well and makes everything ~luxurious~

I top some butter crackers with goat cheese, then add a slice of cured meat or fruit, and drizzle some honey + fresh cracked black pepper

Leftovers Salad

at the end of my week, I make a huge salad with everything left in my fridge

I love the “super foods” salad mix with swiss chard, baby spinach, and arugula! (It blends really nicely into smoothies too)

This salad is topped with crumbled goat chese, avo, cucumber, cured meat + coconut chips with a drizzle of a lemon basil dressing

one-pot pasta

This pasta is a game-changer + so easy

cook some bow tie pasta (you can do it in the microwave with chicken broth instead of water) then fold in cream cheese + mozzerella. Then I add some roasted chicken cut up into pieces, some spinach, and squeeze in some lemon

A few honorary mentions:

  • mini waffles with apple butter + peanut butter
  • avo toast
  • roasted chickpeas with everything bagel seasoning
  • fresh berries with dark chocolate


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