Champaign : The Must Eat List

Picking my college was decided by 80% education + 20% the food close to campus. That being said, here are the restaurants that are worth choosing your college over. (I’m kidding … don’t pick your college entirely on food)


Listen : The owner of Naya + its sister restaurants is a GENIUS. Each one has its’ own unique asian-inspired menu. While Sakanaya + Miga are wonderful in their own ways, Naya takes the cake. Its asian-italian small plates are perfectly constructed, from the beautiful burrata dishes to the bulgogi cream pasta. It’s a must try if you’re ever in the area.

Just Bee Acai

Here’s the thing about Just Bee, you can’t go wrong. This little yellow shasta has truly made me get excited about eating my fruits and veggies. Their acai bowls are perfectly topped with the most tasty toppings from sweet to savory. Their seasonal toasts are the best surprise + always use the most ~in season~ flavors. Last but not least, their drinks are my favorite before class treat. They also ROCK because if you bring one of their reusable mason jars / coconut bowls, they’ll give you 10% off. Just Bee, I ! LOVE ! YOU !


If you’re looking for the cutest bakery//market, look no further. Hopscotch covers all the bases, from its boho-warm-neutrals vibes to the insanely good coffee and pastries, there’s something for everyone. Their unique supply of goods in their market place pull from local vendors, as well as special pieces from alll over, and make the best gifts for anyone you love.

Everyday + Clever Moose

Hear me out, this is the BEST place for a cold day in Champaign. The Clever Moose is a coffee/juice/anything you could want eatery. It gives off ski lodge vibes in the best way possible and makes you want to cozy up and stay for hours. Everyday Cafe next to it is just as amazing, and their better-than-home-cooked dishes make the Champaign never ending winter feel almost worth it. Both of them have their roasted tomato soup + it’s a MUST HAVE ! ! !