Bloomington : Must Eat + Do List

Bloomington: my second college town. Since Hank’s school is there, our favorite thing to do is explore on the weekends. Here’s a list of the best of the best in Bloomington.

Kellers : The Ultimate Breakfast

Kellers straight up rocks. It takes being a diner to the fullest extent. This cash-only establishment has something for everyone. Cinnamon toast, burgers, biscuits and gravy, you name it – they have it. Bonus points for being able to get a full two-person feast for under $20, a college student’s dreaaam.

Miller Park

Miller park is the most lovely place for a walk or run. The ponds its trails surround are filled with little ducks and you can paddle boat on them in warm seasons. It’s a great little pit stop to get to know a little more about the history of Bloomington-Normal or to see the zoo.


Houndmouth – my Goat Hill Coffee in Illinois. Their lattes are ridiculously good + their baristas are the most helpful I’ve ever met. Give ! Them ! A ! Try !

Anju Above

Not my greatest food photos, but the greatest food. Their steamed korean bbq pork buns are some of the best I’ve ever had. Their pork belly ramen is the CURE for a sore throat, and their fried wings and pizza are equally delish. The sushi-pizza-all-around-amazing restaurant is worth a try (or 10).

The Castle Theater

The Castle is a venue unlike any other. The most unique bands play there + they have bar stools with counters as their seating for GA which I love! They usually keep ticket prices + admission numbers low, so you truly get the best experience.

We saw Houndmouth and I can truly say it was one of THE BEST nights we’ve had in college.

Ancho + Agave

This place. UNREAL. Their street tacos are so unique in flavors, ranging from roasted sweet potato, to ground beef with queso, to crispy fish with a spicy jalepeno slaw. The massive burritos are insanely good + make the best leftovers. The ultimate must try, though, is their mac and cheese. This stuff is unlike anything I’ve ever eaten. Listen. They make this with QUESO. And good is an understatement.

Illinois Wesleyan Art Gallery

My personal favorite spot for a quick date, this little gallery on campus has the most mesmerizing entryway (look at the first image). Each exhibit here is unique and creates such an engaging experience.