washington dc packing guide

The city that truly has it all requires a perfect wardrobe. I’m here to make sure you have it.

Here’s the thing with DC, you have to be prepared for anything that it might throw at you. So, there’s a few basics to ensure that you’re ready. Let’s go!


listen, DC in November is cold. So, layers are everyyyything. Here are the layering basics to ensure a picture perfect outfit ready to go from day to night.

THE SCARF – pack a fun patterned scarf that’ll both add to your outfit + keep you warm. It’s a win-win

THE BOOTS – winter is cold, but just because it’s cold doesn’t mean there aren’t cute options. These Sorell boots are waterproof, warm + comfy.

THE TIGHTS – pick a fun pair + run with it

THE DRESS – perfect proof of how great a simple LBD can be + transitional from day to night

THE SWEATER – turtlenecks truly fix all problems, including the cold. pop one on under a dress + stay comfy and cozy allll day

pro tip : keep fun warm pieces for an update to winter wardrobe

Kate Spade + Asos have great winter pieces that are super versatile


like I’ve said, I am a wimp about the cold but would rather freeze than be on vacay in a not-insta-worthy outfit. This one tackles both + I love it for that.

THE SCRUNCHIE – the best way to fix a windy day is a low pony or messy bun with a cute scrunchie. This one is from Anthropologie!

THE SKIRT – this skirt is the best. It travels well + holds its pleats. Most importantly, it’s flowy enough to hide the thermal leggings on underneath it!

THE TURTLENECK – this simple turtleneck bodysuit is so functional + can be dressed up or down.

THE SHOES – these pom pom shoes have been with me for YEARS + make an outfit every time.


This little number is just the outfit above with a few warmer pieces on top!

THE PIECES – I added the cutest earmuffs + my go-to coat to transition into an outfit perfect for a walk along the wharf.