HI all! For the past couple of years, this blog has functioned as my personal/very public diary detailing my explorations of what christianity was like on a daily basis. But, lately I’ve been feeling kind of frustrated. With life, with what I want to do with said life, and with my feelings towards religion as a whole. I realized that I lot of my faith was still based on immediate gratification and affirmation that I was doing the right things, when in reality, I don’t think that is what christianity should look like at all. That’s not to say I’ve lost my faith, I am just trying to reevaluate the little bits that explain who I am.

So here’s the thing – I want to keep this blog real. I want it to be something relatable and real and detail all my very elle-like mishaps that happen way too frequently. I love what it has been in the past, but that isn’t the full embodiment of who I am and it never has been.

From now on, this blog is serving as everything – my photo dump, my talks about religion and what it means to me, chats about feelings about college and upcoming things in my life, travels, and a portfolio of the designs that are slowly but surely overtaking my life.

Buckle up because we’re all in for a ride.

With love, Elle


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