Hi friends! BIG BIG BIG NEWS! If you haven’t already seen or heard about it, I got the opportunity to be a part of a new company, RSRVR BTTL.

We create BPA free, perfectly insulated for hot or cold, stainless steel water bottles with 25% of all profits donated to help build wells in rural Indian villages.


We began this company with a single motivation: to find a way to put everything we are passionate about into one product.

It started with a basic need, a water bottle able to keep up with Elle’s need to have ice cold water throughout a busy day but also one that could sustain Hank’s frequent want for hot coffee.

Then it turned into a “how can we help?” type of question. With Hank’s background of years spent experiencing the ins and outs of India, that answer came easily. We wanted to find a way to help the country that gave him so much and shaped him into the person he is today.  We are a company driven to help the world around us. That is why we partner with Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society, in an effort to better rural Indian communities by donating a percentage of the RSRVR BTTL’s profits to build clean water wells in villages that have no source of drinkable water.

With each bottle, a quarter of the proceeds goes to this amazing NGO. Our first bottle, the Jamshedpur, is named after the steel city of India and is perfectly sleek, stainless steel and topped with an all natural bamboo lid.

stay tuned for more updates, follow our instagram and like us on facebook!

The Jamshedpur itself!

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