Falling in Love with Life

This past month has led me to think a lot. I’ve thought about my life – what I want to do with it, where I hope it will go, who I hope comes in and out of it – and through all of it, I’ve realized that my life isn’t the sad comedy I tend to not-so fondly think of it as. There have been bits and pieces of my life filled with pain and questioning that felt like they would never end. In this month alone, there’s been days filled with tears and driving in circles because I have no clue what I’m doing. But days like today that perfectly contrast those days – days that are finding perfect dresses and talking to wonderful people and hanging out the window while looking at the stars – make me realize how lucky I am to simply be alive and able to experience the world.
…because maybe everything affects each other, maybe everything happens for a reason and is meant to be that way. But maybe everything is just a moment. And that moment is enough for me right now, because sitting in my hotel room, looking at the city lights and thinking about everything that I’ve lived to experience up until now – the highs, the lows, and just the being- are more than enough. Because this world is as beautiful as it is horrible sometimes and tonight, this moment feels like one of those electric, perfect movie moments.

Because life is 10x better when you’re falling in love with it and because this beautiful world was designed for me. And you. And every other person who’s heart is beating.
Because even though I’ve been worried about it and wondered about it quite a bit lately, I am now entirely sure that God is working, no matter if I can see it or not.

So I hope that all of you have days where you simply fall in love with life. I hope that there are days that it feels like your heart is beating out of your chest simply because it’s so full of excitement for what is still coming. I hope that your life feels meaningful and that you trust there is something greater coming, no matter where you are or what is happening.

With so much love,



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