Here’s a little guide to a day in my favorite place, the KC Crossroads.

9 am –  Wake up and head down from the fourth floor in the elevator. Start the trek to Fizz and Beezy’s for the latte I’ve been craving since last week. Begin to tell myself that it’s not -10 outside.

9:10 –  Still walking and the cold is making my backpack seem ten times heavier and my typically short walk feel ten times longer than usual.

Keep thinking about my latte.

Keep walking.

9:15 – Pull open the glass door and walk into Fizz & Beezy’s.

Few coffee shops will fit the high standards this one sets.

SIDENOTE: I’m craving another one of their lattes as I write this, life is hard.

11:00- Step out of Fizz & Beezy’s and make my way to Ray Gun to buy a new postcard or ten. After all, if I’ve just spent almost two hours on a blog post, I deserve a reward.

11:10 –  Step inside Ray Gun and glance at the walls of sarcastic and/or post cards.There goes my nanny pay check. Oops.

12:00 – Lunch time. Start the walk.

12:15 – The blue store front of YJ’s Snack Bar is hard to miss and the smell of their blueberry pie is filling the street in front of it. It’s Saturday at YJ’s and that means one thing: their famous fish fry.

1:00 – Get to work writing on those newly-purchased postcards.

2:00 – Attempt to find a post office to mail before-mentioned postcards.

2:30 – Update: there is no post office.

3:00 – Need another coffee. Time to hit up favorite #2.

3:15 – PT’s, while not quite Fizz & Beezy standards, still satisfies my espresso cravings. Plus it’s close to home and I’m tired of walking.

5:00 – The all-too familiar Crossroads dinner rush is rolling in. Time to get a seat in at Town Topic before it’s too late.

5:15 – The line is already out the door but I’m cozied up in between the pin ball machine and grill in the back corner of Town Topic.

5:25 – Vanilla malt in hand, I slip through the packed entry way and onto the street.

5:30 – Hop on an elevator to the 4th floor and climb through the window onto the roof. Time to sip my malt, bite into the burger and look over a perfect Saturday in the Crossroads.


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