Will I Be Missed?

As I was scrolling through my Pintrest feed this morning, a neon blue sign with the words, “Will I be missed” popped up. This got me thinking, if I were to die today, what would my lasting impact on other people’s lives be? What would I be missed for?

And – do I want to be missed for that?

But on the top of the list is, “Have I made an impression of Jesus on the lives of people who have met me?”

If we are being honest, I don’t really care if people remember that I loved coffee or was happy when it rained or even if I wrote. 

I just want to leave a lasting mark of His light. 

I want to look around and see people looking happier than I have ever seen them because they are SO FULL of His overwhelming grace.

Something I have been struggling with lately is attempting to fill myself in worldly things. I over-promise myself in attempts to do things bigger and better than I could possibly imagine, only to find myself worn out and failing miserably at the things I so desperately want to succeed at.

This isn’t what we were made for.

We were made to live the beautiful life around us to the fullest. We were made to book the plane ticket and hop on the next day. We were made for spontaneous road trips and dancing to Christmas music and watching the snow fall.

We weren’t made to work ourselves to the point of forgetting all the life happening around us.

In 1 Peter, it says we are a,

“chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, people who belong to God. You were chosen to tell about the excellent qualities of God, who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”


We were pulled out of the darkness. Not to throw ourselves right back into all the pain and worry and doubts but to tell anyone we can get to listen about our Heavenly Father.

If we begin to live our lives just wholeheartedly sharing His love to anyone around us, I don’t think we are going to be disappointed in what we are missed for. So let’s get started living life with full intention of being missed for Him.

With Love,



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