He is STILL good. 

Over the past week, our country has been full of a lot of incredibly strong (and rightfully so on both ends) emotions. No matter what your stance is on the state of our country, feelings of anger, anxiety and division. We, as a country, have treated this whole thing like a divorce and quite frankly we aren’t acting much like a country anymore. We need to realign our thoughts and remember that the King of Kings has us all held in the palm of His hand and He’s not letting go anytime soon. So, here’s a list of what’s still good in the world, even when what’s happening next is a big mystery.

  • porch swings and hammocks by the lake
  • hiking mountains
  • perfectly painted nails
  • old pictures
  • writing and receiving letters
  • dainty little necklaces
  • ice cream runs
  • fish (especially my best friend, Munna!)
  • good eyeliner days
  • fuzzy white blankets
  • getting dressed up
  • sitting on roofs
  • Fun, new dates
  • picnics
  • walks
  • trying new food
  • walks on the beach at sunset
  • Watching sunsets
  • Watching sunrises
  • Seeing someone after a long time
  • Finding really good new music
  • Trips to art museums
  • Bracelets on bracelets on bracelets
  • Bouquets of flowers
  • Sitting poolside or beachside
  • Record shopping
  • Plane rides at nighttime
  • Long talks with people I just met
  • People that just make everywhere feel like home
  • early mornings
  • Late nights
  • Silence
  • Being in the middle of a concert
  • fireflies
  • acoustic covers
  • sunshiney days
  • Rainy days
  • new markers
  • Driving and looking at christmas lights
  • Cloud watching on warm days
  • Roadtrips
  • Friends that eat all the caramels in boxes of chocolates for you
  • Really bad puns
  • People sharing secrets that no one else knows about
  • Exploring new places
  • worship
  • Long bus rides
  • Really bad movies
  • Really good songs
  • Really good movies
  • Really good books
  • Wrapped presents
  • Little surprises
  • Jesus bobbleheads
  • Early 2000’s music
  • Learning new lang
  • uages
  • Holding hands
  • Phone calls
  • Old libraries
  • Airports
  • Taking off and landing on planes
  • Staring at the moon
  • Blanket forts

Hebrews 13:5 “For God has said, ‘I will never forsake you. I will never abandon you.’”


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