Senior Girlies

To the ladies who have made my year 10x better than I thought it could be,
This year I have been blessed by gaining some of the best girlies in my life. And last night, at their final KLife, I got the chance to hear each of them give advice to the rest of us. So, to the senior girls, thank you for impacting my life (and so many others) in ways that I could not even begin to tell you. This post is for you, know that you are loved an endless amount (by the KC KLife community and more importantly – the Lord).

Thank you for being there to listen when I felt like no one else would. You incredibly uplifting ladies have never ceased to show me how far a smile or a few encouraging words can go. Thank you for the always-open arms and a shoulder to cry on. The amount of time that each of you took out of your days to listen to every little thing going wrong in my life meant more to me than I will ever be able to express to you all.

Thank you for showing me where to keep my eyes. Last night, one of you said that you hoped that you had poured into the younger girls as much as upperclassmen had poured into you – and trust me, you did. I had the opportunity to witness so many of you hold onto your faith and stay true to who you were when you were going through hardships that I could not even imagine dealing with. And yet – you stayed stronger than ever and continued to uplift those around you. And then, through tough tough times, one of you told me that you knew it would all be okay because you were holding onto all the good things you have hope for in the future, while sitting in the park across from the house.

Thank you for being confident in your faith. I used to be terrified of fully embracing the identity of a Christian. I was worried that I would have more expected from me than others – and I guess that to some extent that is true, but you all taught me that it is a GOOD thing to be called to be better. Getting to witness all of you actively pursue Christ every single day and watching the way that He works in each of your lives is incredible. Thank you for the very un-subtle encouragement to never miss KLife or FCA – I do not know how this year would have shaped up without those communities around me.

Most of all, thank you for being such wonderful role models for me and so many others. Whether it was being the voice to calm me down before cheer tryouts and the first “congratulations” text when results were posted, to having some girl-talk in the bathroom at Lulu’s Noodles, to leading some middle-school girls through life when I know yours was busy too, thank you. And to those of you who can always bring a smile to my face at 7am on a Friday or will forever dance like an octopus with me, there’s an extra thanks in here for you. Every single one of you has incredible gifts and has inspired me to dive wholeheartedly into everything I do.

So, ladies, thank you for being all of this (and more) to me and so many other girls in KLife. You have truly became like my big sisters and as much as I absolutely HATE that you all are leaving (I think the amount of tears shed last night already showed you that), I cannot wait to see every amazing way the Lord will work in your lives.

I think that Donald W. McCullough sums it up pretty well in saying,

“When we consider the blessings of God—the gifts that add beauty and joy to our lives, that enable us to keep going through stretches of boredom and even suffering—friendship is very near the top.”

With Love,


Ps- Get ready for lots of visits & a copious amount of phone calls because I have no idea what I am going to do without you ladies being just a few minutes away.


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