Hang in there, Sunshine

This world changes a lot. Everything, even our sun, which seems so steady, is constantly moving and changing. And while there’s a lot of beauty in change, like sunsets and rises, there are also a lot of times that I wish there’d be no change at all. But hang in there, sunshine.

So this week is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. And to be honest, sometimes this blog has been what’s given me the boost to point me back to my faith. I don’t do well with change. To be honest, I hate it and the idea of change makes part of me want to scream. When things are changing, it is so (x100000) easy to cling to worldly things. It is a whole heck of a lot easier to turn to people and temptation and work and school than to take a breath and turn to God.

But none of those things will help.

Except Him.

It’s hard to openly acknowledge the errors of our ways. But just so everyone feels comfortable here-I’ll go first.

I depend on others way too much.

As much as I’d like to lie to myself and say how self-sufficient I am, how much I can accomplish with no one’s help, I can’t. I like knowing people are there. I find my peace in the assurance of knowing that there’s always going to be someone there to hold me when I cry & answer my middle-of-the-night, teary-eyed, phone calls. But I can’t know that for sure. And counting on people to do things that they might just not always be able to do-well, that’s going to get me no where.

Here’s the good news.  

Scratch that-here’s the “jump-up-and-down and sing and dance” kinda news.

There’s someone who always is there to answer those tear-soaked phone calls, just in a way we might not always prefer. This guy’s called God, and He’s pretttttty wonderful.

And somehow, He manages to show us peace when our life feels like a crazy roller coaster that has hills so steep that we can’t get back up to the top.

And somehow, He reminds us to “hang in there”.

And that-is something to smile about.

I know that clinging to others might seem safer than handing everything to God. We can’t see Him. We don’t understand how He works or even have the assurance that He’ll just be there. But He is. And He’s not going anywhere.

It’s getting to the time of the year where everything gets very stressful, very fast. And lately, I’ve been finding myself spazzing out. I’ve been worrying that everyone is getting too busy for me, that I’m just going to be stuck and waiting for everyone I care about to fix it for me. And it’s hard to keep coming to terms with this time and time again, but they can’t.

God puts people in our lives for specific reasons, be that to uplift us or draw us to him or to show us what we do//don’t want. As much as it sucks to say though, He doesn’t put people in our lives to fix it for us.

Lately, I’ve been rereading all the journals that I’ve written in through church services and camp talks. And there’s been this kinda underlying theme through all of it.


Simple, sweet, to the point. I’m sure most of you have heard the quote “God won’t bring you to it if He can’t bring you through it”. And as cheesy as it sounds-it’s so so true. There’s things that we simply can’t do on our own. I was talking to a few of my camp counselors this week about how hard forgiveness can be and both of them told me something along the lines of, “you can’t do this alone”.

We need God. We need His all-loving heart and His overwhelming power because guys, we can’t do this alone. We were created so He could work through us. Let Him guide your footsteps and your voice and rejoice. Why? Because just getting to be used to spread His word is something to be eternally grateful for. Just getting to know Him is something we can never come close to getting anywhere else.

So when little things start building up around you and you don’t know what else to do, look up. He’s right there and He’s telling ya to hang in there.

with love,




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