Breaking Through

A Happy Little Reminder

Here we go. I’m going to get super transparent in this so get ready. For the past year-ish, I’ve been struggling with happiness and finding my place. I’ve placed my happiness in things that it shouldn’t have been placed in, I’ve taken breaks from my faith because I was “too busy”, I’ve said far too many hurtful things and lost far too many friendships. This past week has been especially challenging for me. I was just at the point where if one more not-so-great thing happened to me, I thought I might break. So after [a lot a lot a lot] of tears, I finally started to listen. Here’s the thing. I have these super amazing people in my life who have spent weeks [and months and years] telling me that continuing to let the same things upset me and acting the same way about them was getting me absolutely nowhere. And me, being my stubborn little self, would never listen. I would try to find flaws in the advice but all I need is to follow it.

Last night  was a rough night, I found all the bad things that had happened and started to let them suffocate me. And the only mindset I was in was “why keep trying to find the sunshine in this when there is nothing too great coming out of it?” Can ya see where this was already a really really bad idea? Why on earth would I intentionally keep drowning myself in the sea of things that were hurting me [probably a lot more than they should have been]? But after a bowl of chocolate gelato and some intense doodling to Jesus music, I was ready to listen.

So, here’s me putting out to the rest of y’all what I have decided is my new way to take on this crazy life.

Last night, I found a picture of myself from a really really great adventure on November 7th. It was a picture that perfectly captured what joy looked like. Y’all, this year has been really tough for me ((some of you probably know that already and i love love love you guys)) but it just kinda reminded me that there’s a season for everything. There’s a season for sadness and happiness and anger and heartbreak. But the joy that is radiating from that picture kinda proved to me that there are such good things hidden in such dark seasons. I’ve spent the past  week or so crying about all this crappy stuff in my life that I simply can’t change. BUT OH MY GOODNESS THERES SO MUCH GOOD STUFF and I have to keep reminding myself of them because I don’t wanna cry about it anymore. I wanna be happy and I’m not going to let bad situations drag down my outlook on life.

Philippians 3:13 is such a happy lil reminder that so much greater things are ahead of us friends:)

Brothers, I, for my part, do not think of myself as having yet gotten hold of it; but one thing I do: forgetting what is behind me and straining forward toward what lies ahead

I’m not going to be naive and tell myself [and the rest of y’all] that there aren’t going to be days in my life that I just don’t feel like taking on life. I’m just saying that now I know I’m going to regret not taking it on a whole lot more.

So I have a little challenge for myself that I’d absolutely love if you all joined in. Let’s try to radiate love. Let’s stop dwelling on sad things and start filling our lives [and other’s] with so much happiness. I want to make people feel special because Lord knows I wouldn’t have reached this breakthrough without people in my life that showed me how loved I was.

To all of y’all that have stuck with me through some pretty dark days, just know that I love ya more than I’ll probably ever be able to tell you and you all are wonderful little sunshines that mean the absolute word to me.

Are you all ready to join me in this cute lil celebration of everyone we love?

Let’s whip out the stamps and stationary or roll out some cookie dough because it’s about to rain love up in here people:)

With love,





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