I’m going to try to be as honest in this post as I possibly can. That was something I really tried to work on over 2015, being truthful. 2015 was a long and exhausting year for me, there were times that I had no idea where my faith was. There were times that I look back on now and have no idea who I was even trying to become, and I am so disappointed that I reached a point like that. Most of all, there were times so rapidly changing that I clung to anything that I could.
My faith has grown so so so much in this year. But, there have been points where I questioned the fundamental things I had trusted for my entire life. You always see people in movies asking, “why did this happen to me? I did nothing wrong. I don’t deserve this.” and I always laughed, thinking that I would never think the same way. Friends, bad things happen. People make decisions that snowball out of control and make mistakes that affect everyone around them. Looking back on some of my reactions to those snowballs, I don’t know who I was at that point. I let challenges get the best of me and started expecting the absolute worst in everyone (including myself). And somehow, I am still loved by Him. By some incredibly miraculous grace, God forgives and loves us no matter how badly we screw up. (and boy, we can mess up prettyyyyy badly)

Romans 8:38-39 tells us

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

So to put this in more Elle-like terms,

I’m absolutely positive that nothing (not life or death, not our pasts or futures, or anything on earth), can keep us away from God’s crazy love that He gave us through Jesus’s amazing sacrifice.

For way too long, I’ve felt the need to compensate for this gift we’ve been given. So I got into this habitual faith. But to be honest, faith from habit is like filling in a coloring book instead of drawing your own picture. I read all these books outlining what Christianity was, but it wasn’t until this school year that my faith became tangible. It wasn’t until I broke this habit of “read a Bible verse, write it down, forget it unless needed” that my faith felt real to me. So, my resolution for 2016 is to apply this to my entire life.

Friends, let’s try living more from intention and less from habit.

Let’s stop this crazy idea that life should be boring and fit an “easy to follow” mold. It isn’t. Because our lives are ours. And they just shouldn’t be a mold to fill, they should be our own picture to draw AND color in.


 So if you’re getting stumped on what your resolution should be for the big 2-0-1-6, try joining me on mine. Try living your life (especially your faith) based on intention.

Don’t sign up for things just to look busy, sign up because it makes YOU feel fulfilled and will help others. Don’t go to church but simply sit there on your phone, go there and allow yourself to absorb the message.

This year, live your life intending to fill each moment you can with God’s love and I promise that you won’t be regretting it come 2017. Let’s welcome 2016 with open arms & open hearts.

2016, I am so beyond ready for what you’re going to bring.
with love,



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