Faith in KC

For a really long time, much longer than I should have, I’ve had a strong dislike towards my city. There’s really nothing behind it, but for as long as I can remember, my only thoughts about Kansas City were about getting out of it. This seems a little unfair now that I’m thinking about it. SO many of the people I love are held in it and KC is where most of my memories take place. Nonetheless, Kansas City has just never seemed to be my place. Everyone in my family loves it with such intensity and all I could ever seem to think was;

Why would ANYONE choose to be stuck here?

Lately, I’ve started to look for the good things around me. Let me tell you, life is so much better when you try to find the good in things around you. Recently, I have found myself letting little things upset me. But something in me shifted.

So there I was, watching the Royals, and I’m already in this mindset of “life is good”. Then this little interaction happened and it pointed me back to the greater things above.

*points at poster* “Hey Elle, what’s John 3:16?”

Now of course most of us have known this verse since we were three, but it was something about where it was presented. Just think about this.

We’re at the game that ended up taking the Royals to the World Series.

People were paying INSANE amounts of money to get into this game.

One man decided to bring a lil bit of Jesus into Kauffman Stadium.

And, wow, it made all the difference in the world.

When we are going through difficult times in our lives, it is so easy to become overwhelmed. It isn’t surprising to find ourselves straying from faith and trying to find joy in worldly things. When we start to drift away, He has miraculous ways of drawing us back. And I guess, this was one of them.

We are human. We make mistakes. We think that we know what is best for us. And God, all powerful and all loving, calls us back into His loving embrace.

Let them return to the Lord so that He may have mercy on them, to our God, because He’s generous with forgiveness. My plans aren’t your plans, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord. Just as heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my plans than your plans.  [Isaiah 55:7-9]

I am a control freak. I like having a grasp on each and every little thing around me, sometimes that’s not a good thing. God has control and He pulls us higher than we could even think to go. It’s so easy to hold onto what we think is best for us but…




Friends, I know that it’s easy to stray. It’s easy to get lost in a sea full of doubt and lack of faith (or in a World Series parade full of people pushing and shoving for a place). It’s easy to do what you think is best and then look around thinking, “what have I gotten myself into?”. In the middle of challenges, it’s easy to find your joy in things that aren’t your faith. It’s easy to take things into your own hands and it’s so easy to say that God is just taking too long and you can handle life on your own.

But someone in my life who teaches me more about Jesus than I would think was possible reminds me that if something is easy, it’s not always worth it. 

What’s going to be worth it is letting God have **complete** control. Let go and let God do His thing because He knows exactly what we need. He is perfect and has reasons for putting good things in your lives at specific times.

In the sin-filled world we live in, it is easy to lose our faith. Let God pull you in. He always does.

with love,



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