November is here people. And coming in with the cool breezes and colorful leaves is a whole lot of joy. These past few months have been emotionally draining for me, no doubt for you all too, but I am going into November with a mind set on happiness. This week alone has been hectic. Everyone in Kansas City is running LOW on sleep. The Royals won the World Series and all of Kansas City was watching. As crazy as all of this has been, I am still finding myself up ((at a way too early hour)) writing this, feeling as refreshed as ever.
Lately, my life has been bursting with adversities and things that upset me, but God has been there through it all. He’s revealed himself time and time again in places I would never expect to see him (more on that later). God has placed people in my life that are calling me closer to him (even when I call them, upset at everything in this world) . He has shown me what it looks like to have a strong, Christian community around me. And if you ask anyone who knows me well, this is the happiest that I’ve been in a long, long, long time.

This realization of just how good our Lord is happened in an unconventional place. But one that no doubt made an impact on my life. So here I am, at Game 1, and I look over at this man holding up a poster. This isn’t abnormal, a lot of people bring posters to Royals games, right? The contents of the poster are what made it 10x more of an impact. The front of it was a normal sign, with some pun about baseball. Then, I read the back.

John 3:16, look it up.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son, so whoever believed in Him would have eternal life.

That day, I was broken down. I was upset. I took this beautiful life for granted and then a man with a poster flipped it all around.
 When it says in the Bible that God will answer your prayers, I have no doubt that He will. Throughout the difficult times I’m having, He continuously places people in my life who make it so so good. These people call me to Him and show me His grace and love in ways I can’t understand. I feel undeserving. I was ungrateful. I let my faith take second place to everything else going on in my life. These sweet friends made me (and constantly make me) come to terms with the simple fact that If I don’t have my faith, I have nothing.

& We know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him

((Romans 8:28))

This November, I have a little journal of happy things, where I write down at least one happy thing every day. Because friends, there is so so much to thank Him for. Life is hard and people hurt each other too much.

This November, I refuse to let the little things upset me. When something upsetting happens, I’m going to turn to Him.

There have been so many talks about how happiness is a temporary thing and joy is what happens when you find something to smile about when everything is wrong.

Joy is lasting.

Joy is eternal.

Joy doesn’t leave you.

Who else does that sound like? God.

After reading this, just take a little bit of time to be thankful to our God. Chances are, once you start thinking of all the truly good things in your life, you’ll find a little happiness in that. Follow the little stuff that helps on your rediscovery of eternal joy.
Allow yourself to be broken down and filled back up with His love.

with love,




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