Dearest California,

Thank you for always giving me some wide source of inspiration and never ceasing to bring people joy. In other words, I love ya, California, and I wish I never had to leave.

Now, I wasn’t planning on a Spring Break blog post, I was saving that for after my week of bliss. But what can I say, I was hit with inspiration like a truck. And I have to say, it’s all thanks to Venice Beach. My friends, Venice Beach was quite terrifying to be honest. I had pictured it as some super clean, happy place and wow, I did NOT get that. But what I did get was an experience. And this is an experience that I could not have gotten in some super clean, happy place. You get this kind of adventure in a Venice Beach-style area. One that is real. One that looks disgusting and scary. That is where you get INSPIRED.

For those of you that don’t know me, I have no tolerance for anything dirty, or scary. I like everything a certain way, and I keep it that way. Venice Beach is not a “Elle” type of place. It is the exact opposite. It’s HECTIC. It’s DISORGANIZED. It’s WILD. And I couldn’t be happier that I went.

We originally went to Venice to get henna tattoos, but then we kept walking.
And while we were walking, a street vendor stopped us. Now you need to understand that I’m not particularly fond of talking to strangers. I’ll always smile, but I’ll rarely be found striking up a conversation with someone that I just met. This time, I was feeling adventurous. So I started to talk to the man. His job was carving words into broken pieces of sand rock. Weird profession, right? I started to ask him about himself. He told me that his brother in law had taught him how to carve and spray paint. When discovering that he could not do it exactly like his brother in law, he adapted his own style. I never got to learn the man’s name, but he gave me some deep stuff to think about. The man had told my friend, Brynn, and I that we didn’t have to buy anything, but we deserved to see how his work was done. The man began to carve Brynn into a jagged piece of sandstone.

Now it gets deeeeeep.

He told us that he was making history, right there on the beach. Because he had never carved Brynn’s name into sand. He said that the ultimate goal was to have his art be worth something, some day. That one day, he hoped an alien would find his sand sculptures and know that it was something important. He had moved from Chicago six years previous in order to pursue his dream of living in California. Wow. I am so glad he did. He was happy. So maybe he wasn’t rich, but he ha big dreams. He told us that his signature, a palm tree + a seagull, would be worth something. This man may seem crazy to you, but he taught me something and was the inspiration to something that I want to do on this blog.

People, places, and dreams

That’s what I want to call it. Something along the lines of Humans of New York but more personal. If I meet someone interesting, I am going to write about them and their dreams on E L L E and see what happens.

It’s amazing what you can do with a little inspiration and a lot of good luck.

keep smiling n set goals!!

with love,



5 thoughts on “Golden

  1. Elle! I have not talked to you in forever and I was trying to find you and I found this! You have so much beauty in your writing! I am so jealous, I could not write that good until a few years ago and I’m almost 20 years old! I would love to go thrift shopping and go painting and all the fun stuff with you!


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